Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

Steel Battalion: Heavy ArmorThe sequel to Capcom?s incredibly realistic action game Steel Battalion will goes button-free on Kinect ? allowing you to use your body or gestures to control your very own ?Vertical Tank? against the enemies. Set in 2082, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor depicts a world devoid of computers, where war is waged with rudimentary weapons as new superpowers struggle for dominance. Lacking computer aided weapon and piloting systems, you must now rely on skill, intuition and each other to ensure victory.

Notorious for having the most complicated game controller ever, could the game be played solely with hand gestures? Well, don?t drop your $200 controller just yet, we could be expecting a combo use of regular controller, voice commands or minimal gesture controls. Whatever it is, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour is most definitely one hardcore Kinect title that is worth keeping an eye on.

  • War, inside and out Steel Battalion Heavy Armor provides a combination of first person shooter (FPS) controller gameplay with immersive gameplay elements that only Kinect can provide
  • Take to the battlefield: Instil fear in the enemy as the pilot of a Vertical Tank (VT), but feel fear of death as you and your crew become the focus of the enemy’s attacks
  • Brothers in arms: Utilize Kinect to engage with fellow VT crew members as you share the emotional highs and lows of the battlefield
  • Unique universe: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is set in a world where the balance of power has been dramatically changed following a technology meltdown and once mighty nations are now reliant on human skill and courage to regain justice and freedom
  • Innovation: As with the original Steel Battalion, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, once more demonstrates Capcom’s commitment to take advantage of current technologies and push development boundaries to deliver unique and compelling gaming experiences

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