Nicktoons MLB

For the first time, an all-star roster from Nickelodeon?s Nicktoons series will take on players from all 30 MLB teams, delivering an unforgettable baseball gaming experience.

Nicktoons MLB for Kinect allows you to play baseball as a bunch of Nicktoons characters, along with players from all 30 MLB teams, including Matt Holliday (St. Louis Cardinals), Andre Ethier (Los Angeles Dodgers), Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers), Jason Heyward (Atlanta Braves), Cliff Lee (Philadelphia Phillies), and Robinson Cano (New York Yankees).

This over-the-top yet family-friendly baseball game also features optional Kinect support, allowing you to put down your controller if you so choose and physically get into the game as you swing your arms to simulate your actions in the batter?s box, and whip your arms in a variety of ways to cue several different pitch types.

The tournament mode has you taking a team of Nicktoons in a worst-to-first run through the MLB ranks, with an all-star MLB team waiting at the very top of the league.

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