Let’s Cheer

Marzysz o karierze cheerleaderki? Teraz możesz spróbować swoich sił jako cheerleaderka przed ekranem swojego telewizora z grą „Let’s Cheer” na Kinecta.

Let’s Cheer! for Xbox 360 is packed with real cheers and real routines, all controller-free by way of the game’s Kinect Sensor integration. Using built-in Kinect motion capture functionality this first cheerleading game for the Kinect Sensor instantaneously captures players’ body movements allowing for gameplay that mimics the true physical nature of cheerleading.

Perform challenging routines designed by professional cheer choreographers set to hits like „Shake It,” „Disturbia,” „Hollaback Girl” and more. Additional Let’s Cheer! features include cheer specific audio functionality that allows you to cheer loud and proud with the voice enabled Kinect and get in a great workout while raising your spirit, as well as an estimated calorie burned counter and unlockable routines, captains and outfits.

Let’s Cheer! is a Dance – Sports game for Xbox 360 that brings a true-to-life physical cheerleading experience to console gaming through the motion control functionality of the Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 (required for play and sold separately). Game features include: 100% controller-free gameplay, professionally choreographed routines and real-world cheer moves, a full body workout with calorie meter,* unlockable items and unique additional voice and camera functionality through the Kinect Sensor.

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