Kung Fu High Impact

Kung Fu High ImpactFight as yourself with boosted abilities! Become a capable Kung-Fu hero and use any fighting moves you are capable of to bring fear to your enemies. Kung-Fu High Impact is a full-body motion fighting game that uses the Kinect to scan you inside the game to fight the evil with real kicks and punches. boosted with superhuman abilities, you literally become the hero of the game. Make yourself a legend in a brand new story full of new features , levels, enemies, super powers and a renewed visual style. Star ina comic book adventure, create custom fights and test your skills in all new survival modes.

Put down your antiquated controller and step inside the coolest and most entertaining adventure in Kung Fu High Impact. Test your fighting skills as you kick, punch, and leap your way through a thrilling full-body adventure ? and burn calories at the same time!

The story takes its inspiration from classic kung fu films. In this martial-art adventure game, you have to fight the enemies and interact with objects on screen in order to progress; all while your likeness stares back at you from the screen.

Whether you are looking to feel epic by smashing immediately responsive enemies through the air, brawl against your friends and family, or simply get a six-pack into the works while having fun, Kung Fu High Impact will be ready to put you into the action in the privacy of your living room.

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