Hulk Hogan?s Main Event

Get pumped and bring the pain in the first full-body wrestling game on Kinect for Xbox 360. Hulk Hogan’s Main Event is an epic no-holds barred fighter that lets Hulkamaniacs train with wrestling icon Hulk Hogan himself. As your mentor, Hulk Hogan will help you build your own wrestling personality beginning with creating a unique style through customization, including your wrestler’s physical attributes, outfit and gear, tattoos and more. From there Hogan will school you in the art of working over an opponent and showmanship in order to win over the crowd in the game’s nine exciting venues. Once you are in the ring entertain roaring fans with over 50 brutal stunts, combos, even devastating chair hits, that will get them cheering or booing as you knock your opponent to the mat or out of the ring. The crazier and wilder your motions, the more high impact your wrestling performance is in your living room ring.

With Hulk Hogan?s Main Event, it?s your turn to learn the ins and outs of professional wrestling. Thanks to Kinect, you?ll get a chance to learn a lot of Hulk?s own signature moves as you work your way towards wrestling stardom.

The legend himself will train you in both wrestling and showmanship as you guide your very own ring alter ego to a successful career in the squared circle.

This wrestling adventure game boasts over 30 combinations used to make your way through the competition and onto wrestling super stardom. Best of all, you can wield a variety of damaging objects including metal chairs and ladders to deliver bone-jarring hits to your opponents.

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