Get Fit with Mel B

Get Fit with Mel BZrzucaj kilogramy z Melanie Brown – czarnoskórą pięknością. In Get Fit with Mel B, you will appear on-screen alongside Mel. She will lead you through dynamic workouts of your choice while the game senses and tracks your performance.

Tell Mel your fitness goals, what kind of exercise equipment you have (such as dumbbells, resistance bands etc.) and she will tailor a program just for you. It’s like having a real personal fitness coach right there in your home!

Throughout the workout, you’ll get real time encouragement and personal training tips from Mel to help you get the most out of each move and the best results possible.

The game includes a wide variety of exercises designed to develop strength, tone, flexibility and aerobic fitness and is complemented by full nutritional advice, which includes recipes and shopping lists based on your unique goals, likes and dislikes. Best of all, you aren’t in this alone.

By purchasing Get Fit with Mel B. you’ll be invited to join an online community of other women on their own journeys to fitness. Mel B. may even be stopping by from time to time!

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