GesturePak – oprogramowanie do rozpoznawania gestów dla Kinecta

Carl Franklin released a toolkit for Kinect for Windows entitled GesturePak which is both a Windows app that records your physical movements as gestures and a Software Development Kit for recognizing those gestures. The toolkit is priced at $99 for single developer license and $799 for site license.

GesturePak has the following features (as listed on the official website):

  • Use speech commands or control the mouse cursor with your hand.
  • GesturePak saves gestures as xml files.
  • Allows you to edit and tweak your gestures.
  • Options to track each of 20 joints.
  • Options to track X, Y, and/or Z axis.
  • Limit the required time in which to perform the gesture.
  • Increase or decrease accuracy required.

On the tool?s website there is an interactive demo that you can download and use to record and test a gesture. With this demo you can try out as many gestures as you want but you?ll have to buy the tool if you want to save them or use them in your Windows app.

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