Game Party: In Motion

Game Party: In MotionGame Party: In Motion  For Xbox Kinect Let the good times fade?oops, I mean roll. With the huge success of menial party games flooding the Wii during its era of decadence, both Microsoft and Sony want to join the bandwagon of casual crusading with the PS Move and Kinect. A new family-friendly party game is on the way for the Xbox Kinect called Game Party: In Motion, and the first debut trailer for the game was released today.

Just as you would expect from a motion-oriented, party game, Game Party is a collection of mini-games featuring a lot of billiard room party games, including pool, darts, basketball and a few other off-the-center tasks such as serving drinks to customers.

Warner Bros Interactive is apparently proud of this title and want to show it off to the masses in hopes of boosting sales from this minimalist project. You can check out the official debut trailer for Game Party: In Motion , which is due out exclusively for Kinect on the Xbox 360.

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