Big League Sports for Kinect

Big League Sports for KinectYou grab your spikes, mitt and bat and head out to the diamond. After a few practice swings, you focus in and wait for the fastball right down the center of the plate. Taking a hard cut, the bat cracks as the white leather ball soars into the air and over the fence. The crowd roars with excitement as you pop in your mouthpiece. Staring down the quarterback, you approach the line waiting for the snap. With a quick „hut-hut” the ball is snapped and you jump across the line, chasing down your prey. The crash of pads and helmets drives the crowd wild as you make the tackle. Your sneakers squeak and the round leather ball bounces on the hardwood. There is nothing sweeter to the ears than the sounds of a heated basketball game. You glide across the ice and grab the puck in stride on your way to the goal. You love the thrills and competition of Big League Sports, now you can get into the action like never before with Kinect.

Big League Sports Kinect brings the six of the most popular professional sports in the world together in one motion controlled video game! The Kinect turns your whole body into the controller with sport specific mechanics. The single player mode tracks stats with a real-time leaderboard and multiple multiplayer modes means there is no shortage of ways to show off your skills. Play with and against friends for an unrivaled sports gaming experience!

Get into the game like you’ve always dreamed of with Kinect for Xbox 360 and Big League Sports. Featuring six exciting sports, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey and golf, Big League Sports puts you on the diamond, gridiron, rink, pitch, course and hardwood. Showcase your skills in 18 challenging and fun competitions, and take on your friends in thrilling multiplayer action. Use your entire body for fun-filled gameplay as you dominate the competition and charge up the real-time leaderboards. With the power of Kinect, you’ll be able to elevate your game and take it to the Big Leagues.

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